BiteMyPhoto – 2nd Easiest Photo Uploading Tool

We took a look at BiteMyPhoto tonight, a service to easily upload photos for use on blogs, social networks and other websites. Like CNET’s AllYouCanUpload, it is a dead simple tool that requires an absolute minimum amount of hassle – upload a photo, add metadata, set privacy, and get the URL or embed link for use on any site.

BiteMyPhoto requires registration (AllYouCanUpload doesn’t), but that also allows users to find their photos later by logging into their account. With AllYouCanUpload, if you lose the URL you have to re-upload the photo.

BiteMyPhoto was built with Ruby on Rails by Bruno Miranda. Of course, the fact that this is a one man (unfunded) show means the service could disappear at any moment. So keep a backup copy of those photos somewhere safe.