PS3 Ebayers Get Screwed

To get ahold of a PlayStation 3 on launch day, I decided to camp out in front of Best Buy starting Wednesday morning. It wasn’t fun.

The following two days were filled with fights, arguments and the police telling us to leave. On a mission to find out if there were actually any gamers camping out for the PlayStation 3, I decided to ask the first 28 people (only 28 consoles were available) if they planned on selling or keeping their PS3s. Of the 28, 25 planned on selling their consoles via Ebay or Craigslist. A friend of mine (who was there for shits and giggles) actually sold his spot in line to an Ebayer for $750. At first I thought I had picked a bad store, but it turns out just about everyone, everywhere, wanted to make money off of the PlayStation 3.

On Nov. 17, PS3 consoles were going for 2k-3k on Ebay. The average price for the console took a devastating drop starting Saturday, in which the consoles started selling for just a little over 1k. Kotaku also got a screen shot of the Ebay page to show the price drop of the PS3s. The new Ebay average price for the PS3 is great for gamers, but it sure as hell sucks for Ebayers who camped out for 3 days trying to make some extra money. Suckers.

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