Free PC or Tacos for Life in Exchange for a PS3

You say you wouldn’t trade your PlayStation 3 for anything? How about a super fast gaming PC or tacos for life? Mmmmhmm… thought so. Those are just two of the strange offers we’ve heard about so far.

Ok. The tacos. Since gamers can be a hungry bunch, Taco Bell was betting someone would take them up on their offer of tacos for life in exchange for a PS3. All they had to do was buy the PS3 and hand it over to Taco Smell employees, who would hand them a VIP taco card. Mmmm.

It seems the fast food chain has announced a lifetime of food – roughly $12,500 in Taco Bell Bucks (but we know some gamers that probably eat that much in a month) – to the first person to trade in their PS3 game console, which in turn will be donated to the Staton Teen Center of the Boys & Girls Club. The “Bucks” would be redeemable at participating Taco Bell locations, so we’re hoping whoever takes up this offer, which will last until December 1, makes sure that they don’t have to go to far for that run to the border. Antacids not included however.

And food wasn’t the only thing offered for a PS3, and in fact one lucky San Francisco resident didn’t even have to trade an actual PS3… he just had to step out of line. PC Gamer magazine, offered a new $7,500 gaming rig from Falcon Northwest to the first person that would get out of line at the Sony Metreon Store, and sign a contract that he wouldn’t buy a PS3 for at least three years. Neal, the lucky PC gaming convert, further had to agree that no one would buy him the system, and that he wouldn’t sell the Falcon gaming PC for at least three years as well. He can still play the PS3; he just can’t own one, and all he had to do was NOT spend $600. Where do we sign up?