M-Audio Torq MixLab Makes You An Instant DJ

If you’ve been itching to start creating your own electronic music or DJing, but aren’t really sure where to start, definitely check out the $99 M-Audio Torq MixLab. The hardware/software solution, that works with Windows and Mac, gives you full control over mixing and mashing up your digital music collection. The Torq LE software will simultaneously import two songs and then the X-Session Pro USB hardware gives you hands-on independent control of speed and pitch and other song elements. The best part about the package is that it’s aimed at DJ newbies, so this stuff is easy to work with and won’t make you want to smash it to tiny bits while you’re using it.

It’s designed to integrate with your iTunes Library, letting you search for the tracks you want without hunting down the individual files. The app supports standard MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA, Apple Lossless and AAC files and records mixes directly to audio files for podcasting or burning. Plus, you can play songs directly from your iPod or other DAP.

M-Audio [company site]