Klegg Electronics KLM401A 40-Inch LCD With Smart Home Technology

Klegg’s calling it the “world’s first IP controlled Microsoft Windows Media Center TV.” Maybe that’s true because it’s at least new to me. But I don’t really care since the set just sounds cool. Unveiled at the 2006 Fall Electronic House Expo (EHX) in Long Beach, California this week, the next generation Klegg KLM401A 40-inch flat panel LCD television allows users to control media functions by sending IP commands over a standard Ethernet or wireless network.
The set comes with Autonomic Controls custom software pre-installed, which “allows integrators and custom installers to simply download pre-built control modules from either the Klegg Electronics or Autonomic Controls Website and quickly integrate the Media Center TV with AMX, Crestron, HAI or other control and automation systems.” It’s all part of Klegg Electronics’ plans to rule the world “Smart Home Technology” that allows entertainment products to work together seamlessly and communicate with each other within a home network or over the internet from any location.

If all that doesn’t make sense to you, well the basics are that this is a dual-tuner, 1080i LCD HDTV with a built-in Media Center PC and some touchscreeny goodness tossed in to let you control other “connected” electronics around your home. Hit the product page link below to get a better understanding of how this will make your life better.

The Klegg Windows Media Center Television