Zune Beggars Can Be Choosers

Wow. You all surprised me. I really didn’t expect to have such a high turnout, thanks for making me wrong. Your entries have been great and I’m glad you all participated. The above comic from Sydney, for instance, was one of our favorites and should be considered our second runner-up.

We received all sorts of pleas, from all sorts of people. The entries are, in fact, still coming in—even though the deadline was nearly 24 hour ago.

After much deliberation, we’ve managed to narrow it down to two possible winners. We’d like for you to help end our deadlock and select a winner between the two.

This entry from Kristin in Baton Rouge definitely got our attention and it was indeed our favorite winner for quite awhile. Kristin wrote:

Hello hello,

here is my plea:

as you will see, i am pathetic for a zune. i have, in fact, spent my saturday harassing my animals. as opposed to having a real life, my attempt at life was this. i beg you to have pity on my soul, and make me less of a total loser who spends saturdays chasing chihuahuas and mutts by giving me a zune. i love you. i love you. i love you. (true love, i swear)

so PLEASE DEAR GOD give me a Zune!!

It seemed the contest was sealed, but then sometime during the hard hours of Saturday night, we received this entry from Scott in Louisville:

Hi CrunchGear,

I thought I’d do something a little different and throw together a
little website to show why I really would love this Zune. Everything you
need is there, story, pictures, proof, and even a video at the bottom!

URL http://youflow.net/needzune/

Thanks again guys,

After reading through his website, we found ourselves a standstill. And so, due to our indecision, we’d like to enlist your help. We’ll vote through the afternoon and decide the winner at 6pm EST.