Xbox 360 HD DVD for PC

When Microsoft announced the HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360, there was a lot of speculation whether the drive could be used on a regular PC. Now that the drive is starting to appear in stores, people have begun to experiment and confirm the speculation.

Dan at UNEASYsilence took one of the drives and connected it to his PC. After a bit of driver searching he was able to get it functioning relatively happily.

On an interesting note, Dan was also able to get OS X to recognize the drive. Unfortunately though, he couldn’t get it to play properly.

At any rate, with the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive working on PC, that means that users can now pickup a $199 drive and, with a little tweaking, get it running smoothly. Thanks Microsoft.

Hacking the XBox 360’s HD-DVD for the PC [UNEASYsilence]