TAC Guitars Do Not Work With Guitar Hero 2

Just in case you were planning on buyingTAC’s Wireless V controller for Guitar Hero 2, you may want to look into purchasing an official Red Octane Guitar Hero controller instead. Reports have been coming in that The Ant Commandos’ controllers are not able to function on GH2 because of a block put on the game by Red Octane. We’re not sure if it has anything to do with the legal issues between the two companies. If you already own one of the TAC controllers, stay tuned. TAC has stated it will be releasing some kind of adapter that will allow you to use your TAC controller for Guitar Hero 2 soon.

EDIT: We just got word from TAC that only first generation TAC guitar controllers have problems with Guitar Hero 2. All guitars sold off TAC’s website after October 1, 2006 are fully compatible with Guitar Hero 2. Now go play Megadeth on extreme, because it is freakin’ impossible.

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