ASUS Cools Things Off With Massive Copper Cooler

I like a good processor heatsink/fan as much as the next person. Especially ones like this ASUS Silent Knight that’s definitely meant to be seen and not heard. The all-copper assembly—fins, base and heat pipes—is divided in half by a fan. So it pulls air through the first section of fins and blows it out through the second and, with any luck, right out the back of your desktop. You better have a big freakin’ case if you’re squeezing this inside, though. says it’s made for just about every modern processor, Intel or AMD. That includes Sempron processors apparently, but if you’re Sempron needs this kind of cooling you’re doing something very bad to it.

There’s another view of it after the jump.

ASUS to release all-copper cooler ‘Silent Knight’ for dual-core Processors []