Time's Gadget Of The Year: Nintendo DS In The Lead

Time’s Gadget of The Year race lets visitors vote on their favorite gadget from a specified list of of tech toys. This year, the list featured the Apple MacBook Pro, Palm Treo 700w, Logitech Wireless DJ System, Nintendo DS-Lite, Logitech VX Revolution Mouse (which I love), and a few more. Not surprisingly, the leader of the bunch is the Nintendo DS-Lite, with a whopping 59% of votes. The DS-Lite is the best portable gaming console out there—not only that, but it appeals to all ages and only costs $129.

Although the MacBook Pro is a great contender, its pricing and problems (optic drive failure, random shut downs, iSight problems) may cause voters to stray toward the DS-Lite. Whether you’re for-or-against the DS-Lite, you’re for gadgets, right? So, get over to the poll and vote for your favorite tech toy of the year.

Time’s Gadget Of The Year: Nintendo DS In The Lead [joystiq]