Samsung Debuts Folding Atrocity, Outrages the Omniscient

This new device from Samsung is an abomination before God. Somewhere in Duder-onimy, God said with a fury that a laptop shalt not lie down with a cellphone as a cellphone lies down with a PDA. This is not as God intended, read your Bible. Also, you’ll find no mention of the platypus, likewise an abomination.

It is kind of neat, though.

The P9000 is an ultra-portable origami-esque Windows XP laptop, with a 30GB HD, 256MB RAM, and a 1GHz Transmeta processor. Sounds like just another fancy ultraportable, but then consider its built-in CDMA for voice, EV-DO for data, and Mobile WiMax . Add Bluetooth support and a 1.3-megapixel front-side camera, and you’ve got a half PC/half cellphone hybrid/half monstrosity (that’s too many halves) that really can’t be called a smartphone (see: monstrosity).

Look for this sign of the rapture in SoKo (South Korea for the non-elite, so says God) sometime early next year, and pray for their eternal souls.

Samsung S9000 Meets All Ends