Play Guitar Hero 2 With Elmo

Every so often a game comes around that stops gamers from arguing about which console is better, and immerses them in pure fun. Guitar Hero 2 (which released today), is one of those games. So what happens when you want your 2-year old to get into the game? You simply make her an Elmo-modded Guitar Hero controller. Using the circuitry of a PlayStation 1 controller, Mike Smith spent a few nights turning his 2-year old daughter’s Tickle Me Elmo guitar, into a Guitar Hero 2 Controller.

The controller isn’t quite full-featured, star power won’t trigger when you tilt the guitar and there are only 4 buttons instead of the traditional 5, but Smith says he doesn’t think his daughter is going to be shredding on hard difficulty any time soon. As for star power, Smith explained that all you had to do is hit the Elmo head on the guitar. I’m not sure how I feel about someone playing “Shout At The Devil” with an Elmo guitar, but hey, at least Mike’s daughter is listening to some cool music, right?

Play Guitar Hero 2 With Elmo [gizmodo]