LED Guitar Picks

When you’re gigging around in a rock-n-roll band, you’ve got to remember there’s one thing that separates your band, from the other million rock-n-roll bands out there: showmanship. Bands are always looking for inventive ways to put on a good show, without lighting the club on fire and banning on-stage flames for everyone.

Unfortunately, these LED guitar picks from Santa Cruz Light Wells won’t help you out in that department. These picks do come in handy for practice though, as they feature seven different programmable beat patterns, thus acting like silent metronomes. Another problem many guitarists face is losing their guitar picks, so many, that guitarists believe there to be an underground group of “guitar pick gnomes” (but that’s a different subject entirely). There’ll be no problem if you drop one of these, as the LEDs will allow you to quickly and easily (before the pick gnomes do) find the pick. Too bad the LED guitar picks sell for $59.99, doesn’t Santa Cruz Light Wells understand that musicians are broke?!

LED Guitar Picks [oh gizmo]