Britain's Tovo Debuts GSM/WiFi Handset for the Masses

<img src=" phone. That's Tesco, it's a supermarket. And somehow it got its mits on this little bugger as an exclusive for now.

It's a standard (if somewhat fugly) GSM phone, even including a camera. But the WiFi chipset is what makes this handset stand out. Not because it's the first or only GSM/WiFi phone, but because it's cheap, going for about $75 (£39.95) with a one-year contract.

We're expecting to see handsets like this from T-Mobile soon as part of its UMA initiative, and it is in fact testing just such devices from Nokia and Samsung right now in Seattle. Sorry, Brits, we’re cool, too.

Tovo GSM/WiFi phone to hit UK Supermarket Tesco [Slashgear]