Sanyo's New 42-Inch LCD Can Brave the Elements

The Sanyo CE42LM4WPR is a 42-inch LCD display that bears at least one major difference from its brethren: it’s weatherproof. That’s right, the CE42LM4WPR has an IP56 weather-resistant certification, meaning it can withstand various outdoor hazards that typical electronics don’t find agreeable. Not only can it stand up to humidity, it can deal with blasts from “strong jets of water,” so you can probably spray it off with a hose or something.

The 800:1 contrast WXGA screen has a non-glare acrylic front panel with a 1366 x 768 resolution and a 178-degree viewing angle. It includes HDMI inputs, three sets of AV inputs and an RS232C interface. Not sure what it costs, but expect it to be ‘spensive.

Sanyo Unveils New 42 Inch Weatherproof LCD Monitor [Born Rich]