Palm, Samsung to Drop Surprise QWERTY Fun for Xmas (With Cingular Rebates)!Palm, Samsung to Drop Surprise QWERTY Fun for Xmas (With Cingular Rebates)!

Cash back bonanza holy moly! We’ve got two scoops in one, all based on a flickr screen grab. Sometimes Cingular auto-tragically publishes stuff it don’t mean to. Oops, Cingular!

We found this graphic on flickr. Cingular, the orange fan of all things with the words “Treo” and “GSM,” is set to launch not just the anticipated Treo 680 this winter, but also the formerly European-only 750w. It shares a similar form factor with the 680, but runs Windows Mobile 5. That means that Cingy is set to give us two QWERTY, touchscreen Palm presents for Xmas.

Not just that, they’re also offering camera-free versions for security-minded enterprise deployments. Can you say boring? We knew you could.

Speaking of the new-and-QWERTY, (yes, I love hyphens,) look for an American GSM rendition of the Samsung i320, as well. This Motorola Q/T-Mobile Dash/Whatever Else Windows Mobile 5 QWERTY not-a-touchscreen competitor will be here by the end of the year, with some sort of rebate. It’ll be known as the “BlackJack,” which is a name a little too badass for any smartphone.

Great Rebates from Cingular