Verizon's VZ Navigator Reviewed: It Works, As Long As You're Not Walking

I’m all in favor of taking advantage of the technology you have instead of buying a separate device for everything you want to do. Verizon’s fairly new VZ Navigator $10-per-month navigation service is a good example. InfoSync World did a thorough testing of the service and overall the site was impressed with its abilities to give accurate directions and fast updates thanks to Verizon’s EV-DO network, especially in the suburbs. It also said the Points of Interest tool offered up some interesting suggestions including local museums and some historic bars.

On the downside, the service’s Pedestrian mode was useless, basically giving the same directions you’d get as if you were in a car and telling the user they got to their location even when they were still a block away. This is a real shame since I would be more likely to sign up for VZ Navigator if it had a good walking-mode. Looks like I’ll be sticking with ALK’s CoPilot Live, which works great for finding my way around with my cell, in a car or on foot.

Review: Verizon Wireless’ VZ Navigator GPS service [infosync world]