Corsair Celebrates Its RAM Dominance With Gold-Plated Modules

Memory manufacturer Corsair is having a very good year with its high-end performance RAM modules. Year-to-date the company’s total premium module shipments have surpassed one million units. To celebrate the acheivement and its general market dominance, Corsair is giving away five, custom 2GB DDR2-8888 gold-plated DOMINATOR memory kits. The DOMINATOR sticks are pretty awesome with an advanced cooling design, speeds up to 1,111MHz and a relatively good latency of 4-4-4-12. Corsair also claims they offer “simplified overclocking for beginners and unparalleled control for experts.”

However, winning isn’t as easy as just entering. Corsair wants you to work for your win. You’ll have to write up a 200-word essay on “Why I Love Corsair.” Well, not why I love Corsair, but why YOU love Corsair. The contest will run from today to November 14, and the winners will be announced on the Corsair Web site on December 1, 2006. Email your essay to

Enter the “Why I Love Corsair” Contest [company site]