Sprint Lights Up Revision A EV-DO in San Diego, Starts National Tour

Good news, San Diego. You’re the first city in the nation to get a taste of Sprint’s Revision A EV-DO. That is, if you’re a subscriber and have a Pantech PX-500, Sierra Wireless Aircard 595, or one of the Novatel data cards, in which case you have to do nothing, as your upgraded automagically, and for free.

This gives Sprint’s customers even faster access to its mobile broadband network, and you can expect speeds of 450-850 down, and 400-700 up, depending on your proximity to its towers.

In addition to the cards, Sprint has some Rev A phones undoubtedly in its queue, you can expect the phones to roll out nationally with its network upgrades, which should be done in about a year.

For now, look for the network to light up in Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Denver, Detroit, Hartford, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York City, Newark/Trenton, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C., all by the end of the year, though not necessarily in alphabetical order.

Sprint Launches Nation’s First EV-DO Revision A Mobile Broadband Network [Press Release]