LG 1900 R 19-inch LCD Monitor

Perhaps Biggs, with his week’s worth of Korean knowledge, can explain to us what Samsung means when it’s hyping up its 19-inch monitor on its product page.

At first sight it makes your hearts beat and stir up your mind. It is a embodiment of design and technology. Imagine the beauty of life with LG FLATRON.

With a 2000:1 contrast ratio and a 4ms response time, this monitor should be happy enough being a monitor. But no. It has to be a prop from the set of Alien as well, with its gigantic hole and round, Giger-like base. And just like Giger’s art, the hole is supposed to remind you of female genitalia. At least, it does to us.

The other two models, Jar and Eclipse, look similarly weird, and feature half of a jar or an eclipse. Buy one of these and make sure that however disgusting the porn your boss catches you with, the first question he asks will always be, “what kind of monitor is that?” Careful, as this trick only works once.

Product Page [LG via Chip Chick]