Delphi SKYFi3 Wants Your Card in Its Slot

Man, I never get tired of making juvenile “slot” comments. Anyhoo, Delphi and XM radio continue their satellite-radio partnership with the SKYFi3. It’s 65-percent smaller than the previous generation SKYFi and adds a microSD slot so you can store an “unlimited number of MP3 files” though you’re limited to the capacity of your card so I guess it’s only limited by how many cards you own.

The rest of the feature set is pretty standard these days for a plug-and-play satellite radio: 2.8-inch screen with horizontal or vertical mount, built-in memory for storing XM programming, portable-playback mode (though the internal battery only lasts five hours) and 30 minutes worth of pause and replay time. It is relatively inexpensive though at $229.

Delphi SKYFi3 [Product page]