New Oblivion Content Available On All Platforms

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion coming to the Playstation 3 is a big deal. See, gamers felt a sense of loss that the Xbox 360 and PC title would see life in another console. One of the points I had mentioned before was that there was not much reason to buy Oblivion because everyone who has wanted to play the game has already played it on Xbox 360 or the PC. Well, the Playstation 3 had its own promise for the game since it offered new content, specifically, the Knights of the Nine quests. IGN recently interviewed Bethesda, in which Bethesda stated that the new Oblivion content will be eventually be available on all platforms. Just what Sony needed: another reason not to buy one of the best games of the year the Playstation 3.

The interview also stated that only one edition of the game will be available. If you were looking for a special or collectors edition of the game for Playstation 3, you’re out of luck. For everyone else, this is good news. Now back to stealing from others to build up my thieves guild rep…

Oblivion: The PS3 Interview [IGN]