Dyson Root 6 Puts Its Root Down

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I'm going to write this thing up in a bit more detail when I have a mess to clean up – Blake is spending the week here for tonight's event, so I'll clean up his wood shavings when he leaves – but here's a quick look at the Dyson Root 6, the only handheld vacuum that doesn't lose suction and looks like a Doom weapon.

The device is quite sturdy and large, much bigger and beefier than a Dust Buster or other similar devices. In terms of sucking, boy does it suck. We were able to grab big hunks of dirt outside as well as flour in the kitchen. It comes with a long nozzle attachment along with a little brush attachment, a recharger, and a battery.

Interestingly enough, the Root 6’s motor is so powerful that the vacuum begins to shift when you turn it on, making you feel like it might go out of control and suck up your pets. We haven’t completely dirtied it up yet, so we haven’t tested the suction claim, but if its anything like the Ball we have now, we’ll be pretty impressed.

Now i have the Beastie Boys in my head.

The Demon Awakens

Blake Sucks

Sergeant Suck!

Product Page [Dyson]