Official Wii Accessories

More Wii goodness. Nintendo has released pricing and pictures of accessories for its upcoming console. It looks like the Wii is using USB for just about everything, which is good news. The first accessory (shown right) is the rumored wired LAN adapter, which is selling for 2,800 Yen. Inside you can find pricing and pictures of replacement power cords, composite cables, S-Video cables, component cables and a 512MB SD Card officially licensed by Nintendo. What are you waiting for?

Nintendo 512MB SD Card – 3,800 Yen

S-Video Cable – 2,500 Yen

Japanese Component Cable (D-Terminal) – 2,500 Yen

Component Cable – 2,500 Yen

AV Cable – 1,000 Yen

AC Adapter – 3,000 Yen

Hm, no wireless network adapter shown yet. Let’s hope Nintendo shows us one of those soon. (Yes, this is sarcasm).