Wii Sensor Bar Useless In The Sunlight?

Well, this could be a problem. I was planning on buying a Wii the day it comes out, and I probably still will, but I will be mucho unhappy if this little rumor is true. A poster in the Nintendo Insider forum writes:

We know that the sensor bar goes all wonky when halogen lights are in the room. But did you know that natural sunlight messes it up too? That’s right, if you have the sun beaming right onto the sensor bar, it doesn’t work. For about an hour or so, the sun shone right into the store, the two MP3:C kiosks had to have curtains above them, and the Wii Sports Tennis and Shooting Game kiosks were unplayable since they were “shrouded” in sunlight. Later the sun went behind a building, and everything was in working order again. So when you get your Wii, don’t play it in the sunlight. Or keep the sensor bar and TV away from the windows.

The sun glares quite brightly in my apartment at all times, and I could get seriously upset if I can only play in the middle of the night.

My Impressions of the Wii and some games. [Forums.Nintendo.com via Digg]