Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 Pro Triple-Driver Earphones

Ultimate Ears has spent most of the past 11 years creating custom-molded headphones for musicians. But not to be outdone by the likes of Shure and Etymotic, UE put out a line of more consumer-friendly universal-fit earbuds last year under the super.fi name. Today, it announced the pre-order availability of its $399 triple.fi 10 Pro headphones that feature three miniature speakers per earpiece. Two of the three speakers are bass drivers allowing low-freqs to be more balanced for greater definition and clarity. The third speaker handles high-freqs, with all three accurately blending before the sound hits your eardrum.

I tested out the original super.fi’s and I’m in the process of testing the triple.fi’s (a full review posting in the near future), but so far the sound these ‘buds produce is nothing short of beatific. Plus, they’re sweet-looking, extremely comfortable and seal out nearly all extraneous sound. Anyone considering laying out a few hundred dollars for quality headphones would be well served by the triple.fi 10 Pros.

Ultimate Ears