Meet Your Future Stalker, Win Prizes On

Man, the Internets make it so hard to meet crazy people. But now there’s, a fun and easy way to start sending e-mail messages to any person with a license plate. Think the hottie in the VW Bug next to you would make a fine friend, date, victim, etc.? Just send a short text message via your cell phone or an e-mail to the license plate through the site, and bingo, you’re connected. OK, I’m being a little harsh.

SeachPlates doesn’t give away any of your personal information, and the site makes it very clear that your name and contact info is safe. And if you’re not registered, it stores any messages sent to you and notifies you and the sender when your plate becomes registered. While my mind went immediately to finding new ways to harass strangers, SearchPlates does list some more legitimate reasons to contact someone on the road, such as telling them they’re a crappy driver or asking a question about a car.

If you go and sign up now, the site is giving away prizes now through July 2007.