Thank You Sponsors

It’s time for our periodic note of thanks to the TechCrunch community for reading and commenting as well as the sponsors who make this blog possible. We are very lucky to be a part of such a great network.

  • Yoono – Yoono is a Firefox and IE plugin that lets you discover, share, and exchange links with people across the web. All the links are easily accessable via sidebar or scrolling ticker.
  • LogoJeez – Design service, LogoJeez, has cut some prices for October. Check out their portfolio, maybe they’re the design company for you.
  • – They’re hosting a growing multimedia-rich community. People have been using the service to share over 11,000 songs, close to a million photos, and write nearly 13,000 blogs.
  • Edgeio – Edgeio is becoming the destination for classified listings. Go there to find listings, draw them down from your site, or distribute listings across the web.
  • Text Link Ads– TLA recently launched Feedvertising and remains a great way to get your message out.
  • Fonpods– Fonpods is a free service that brings podcasts to your cellphone. Call them at +1-(712) 432-3030 and you can be listening to TalkCrunch on your cellphone now.