Sony Drops Two Blu-ray Devices

Sony announced at CEATEC 2006, two new Blu-ray recorders. Each recorder has an onboard hard drive that can record two digital shows simultaneously. Users can then backup programming on 25GB Blu-ray drives. The devices can also play AVCHD discs.

The BDZ-V9 supports 1080p output, DLNA streaming to PCs and compatible devices. It can also convert to MPEG-4 for playback on a PSP. The unit includes HDMI out, i.Link and USB connections. It will go for $2,543. The BDZ-V7 is basically a reduced option, that apparently doesn’t support 1080p, but given that my Japanese is shaky nonexistent, I really have no idea. It will be available for $2,119.

It is unlikely that either of these players will ever see the States.

Sony’s BDZ-V7 and BDZ-V9 Blu-ray and hard drive recorders [engagdet]