Because Bluetooth Is So 2005

Nokia today announced that they’re working on a new short-range wireless system that they hope will replace Bluetooth. Wibree, as they call it, will be utilized for smaller accessories than just cell phones. It could be incorporated into watches and remote control toys because of its smaller size transmitter and low amount of power usage.

The technology was developed by the Nokia Research Center and changes the power output based upon the size of the data packet being sent–which is pretty cool. Because of this, it’s better suited as a sensor than a way to transmit movies from one device to another. Soon, Nokia will start working with Broadcom, Epson, and Nordic Semiconductor to create the chips and Suunto and Taiyo Yuden will begin working on the software side. No roll-out date, but the final specs are expected during second quarter of 2007 and maybe we’ll start seeing it installed soon after.

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