Nokia E62 Now Shipping from Cingular

We were wondering when Cingular would step into the mid-range not-a-BlackBerry QWERTY battle royale, and that day is today. The Nokia E62 is now available on the Cingular site for $149.99 with a 2-year contract.

This slim smartphone was actually introduced several days ago, but is now shipping, which is nice for those of you who actually want a physical phone. The BlackBerry-esque E62 totes a 320 x 240 screen and runs Symbian’s S60 Smartphone OS, an alternative to Windows Mobile and PalmOS that we don’t see as much in the States as we do in Europe. It also sports EDGE hi-speed wireless, a expansion card slot and Bluetooth.

The E62 is aimed directly at the Motorola Q market, and Cingular is selling it with its BlackBerry Connect service, meaning you can have your (BlackBerry) cake and eat it, too.

Nokia E62 [Cingular]