We Now Bow to Our Microwave Emitting Overlords

Holy cow, we’re now just one flying car away from being Jetsons! Lookee here, a microwave oven you can talk to! Not just for shut-ins or Blake Robinsons, the new Daewoo TV-dinner cooker is voice-activated, radiation-emitting, time-saving food machine, meaning you put your Spaghetti with Swedish Meatballs from Stouffer’s in it’s front, say “It’s Tuesday, Again,” and in four minutes and thirty seconds (ten minutes for two), your dinner is ready.

Really, you can store up to 40 voice commands, and it boasts 95% accuracy, so that’s a heck of a menu for you lazy geeks who’ve never learned how to cook. The best part is, this prototype is going into production, which means by this time next year, you’ll finally have company for dinner, you nerd.

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