Mobile TLD .mobi Open to Public Registrations

You’ve been waiting, you’ve been patient, you’ve been getting by somehow with .biz and .info, but the time has come at last. You can now have our own .mobi domain name. As of today, registration of .mobi domains is open to the general public at $25 for two years.

The debate as to whether or not we need another top level domain isn’t one that we can solve in the pages here on MobileCrunch, so we’ll leave it be….

No, we take that back. We don’t need another TLD , especially not one specifically for mobiles. But that hasn’t stopped 13,000 individuals from signing up for their own .mobi domains, and probably won’t deter the 200,000 other new signups MLTD, the group who oversees the domain, thinks are in the pipe.

We’ll see what happens.

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