Dock and Battery for iPod, in One

Meet the XTremeMac MicroPack Multimedia Dock & Battery. That’s the name of this little beastie, and that’s only half what it does. These fellows took a standard dock, something many ipod owners need, and added a chargable battery, volume controls, and dual headphones-out with line-out.

The battery offers 80 hours (!?) of audio playback, which should come out to about 15 hours of video, and as it acts as a stand, as well, it looks perfect for you long-haul fliers out there. Then plug it in via your USB cable when you get to where you’re going, you’re all set.

The XMMPMD&B is available now at iworld, and should run you around $104. Tell them CrunchGear sent you.

XTremeMac MicroPack Multimedia Dock & Battery [iPod World]