Blind Camera Takes Other Peoples Photos

Here’s a pretty neat concept dreamed up by an artist/student named Sascha Pohflepp based in Berlin. His new project, named the Blind Camera doesn’t take pictures. It does take a record of what time you pressed its big red button. Then, it goes to the internet and searches for pictures taken at that same time. Maybe an hour later, or a couple of weeks later, when somebody uploads their picture that they took when you pressed the button, it will show up on the Blind Camera. This way, you become a part of a larger community. The pictures you see belong to the person that took them, and you because you know what you were doing when that picture was taken.

It’s really just a Sony-Ericsson K750i with some custom software, a cool case and a neat-looking button. It may not be the most useful tool invented this year, but I really like the concept of looking at pictures taken at the same time I was doing something important.

The Blind Camera [Blinks And Buttons via We Make Money Not Art]