Smack Talk Talks Smack

Alright, we know that one of the best things about playing online on Xbox 360 is telling someone how you “wtf? pwned” them. It’s like instant gratification. Digital Innovations has capitalized on this idea and created the GameDR Smack Talk, a device that talks smack with the push of a button. The Smack Talk plugs into the headphone jack of your Xbox 360 controller (it has its own headset), and with three simple AAA batteries and a push of a button you will have the option of telling your opponent “Go ahead, make my day” (and yes in that voice too). At first, the device didn’t really seem too appealing. Now all I can think about is killing someone hitting the button that says “Get down” (also in that voice) and laughing at him. You have the option of customizing the presets into any sound clip your smack talking heart desires. This means you can get random sounds, audio clips, more one-liners and whatever else you would want to include. Be ready to start using that mute player button if you haven’t already. Smack Talk sells for $29.99, and if you’ve got a sense of humor like me, you’re sure to have at least a little bit of fun with it.

[cnet gaming]