Sirius Launches Subscription Internet Radio Service

There were rumors weeks ago that Sirius, the numero-uno satellite radio biz in America, would be branching out to Internet streaming it’s content. Today they went ahead and launched the service right under our noses.

Starting at $12.95, the service allows you to listen to the majority of Sirius’s content on your desktop or laptop, via Windows Media. No word yet on if they’re using some sort of DRM to keep you pirate-types from sharing, but it’s backward compatable to Windows Media Player 6, so we’d have to venture a bit “No” on that end.

You can also add it a la carte style to your current satellite subscription for $6.99 a month, which still seems a bit high. However, as there’s no real way for them to keep you from listening via the web and satellite at the same time, it’s a nice way to share with your girlfriend/co-worker/parole officer. It’s available now at their Siriusly-gradiated website.

Sirius Internet Radio [Sirius]