Sony Adds Wireless LCD to LocationFree TV

You might recall a few weeks ago, we brought you news of Sony’s new LocationFree TV boxes. These fancy boxes allow you to take your analog or digital cable feed and send it via IP to your laptop or desktop, so no matter where you are, you can watch the TV you’re paying for.

Sony is adding your location to LocationFree with the new LF-12MT1 LCD. In simplest terms, the 12MT1 is a 12″ LCD monitor with wireless (WiFi?) that interfaces with your LocationFree TV unit wherever it has range. With it’s batteries charged, you can take it anywhere around your house and get your TV, including the bathroom, as they’re peddling a waterproof bag with it.

No word on if this unit allows you to take your TV on the road, but it’s likely as it fits in with the LocationFree TV philosphy. Look for it to hit the shelves sometime after November 15th for more than it should.

Sony LF-12MT1 LocationFree TV [HDTV Blogs]