The Temple of Nod Mod

I don’t know what’s weirder: the fact that some of you geeks spend hours modding the cases of PCs that will be obsolete in 18 months, or that there isn’t a reality TV show on Bravo dedicated to it yet. Some case mods are just insane, and this, of the Temple of Nod from Command and Conquer, really is impressive.

I tried my hand at model making about twenty years ago. It was a yellow Camaro, not much different than Bumblebee in the new Transformers film, but I didn’t have the patience or dexterity. But Edvuld does. He took an ATX motherboard and built this impressive model around it, including lighting and grill features. The final effect is quite good.

When will people take this hobby to the next level? I want a giant casebod, right? Like, mountains and streams, railroads and trains and little people. Each it’s own machine, answering the question, “Could you imagine a Beowulf cluster of these!?” That’s what I want. Edvuld?

Temple of Nod [BitTech]