Segway Glitch Causes Recalls

Segway has announced that it is recalling about 23,500 of its Personal Transporters due to a software glitch that has caused injuries. The software related error causes the wheels to start spinning in the opposite direction, which I can imagine would be a shocker to one using the device.

This recall involves all Segway PT i167, i170 and i180 (“i Series”) models, the p133 (“p Series”), XT (“cross-terrain transporter”), GT (“golf transporter”) and i2 models. These units were sold to consumers and commercial customers. All e167 (“e Series”) models, which were sold to commercial users, also are included in this recall. No other models are involved in this recall. The name, “Segway”, appears on the front bumper and/or on the handlebars of the personal transporter.

It affects models sold from March 2002 through mid-September 2006 for prices ranging from $4,000 to $5,500 So if you got one of those, you should probably get it checked out. The most incredible thing to me is that 23,000 people have bought Segways. That’s about as shocking as wheels suddenly going in reverse.

Segway Inc. Announces Recall to Repair Segway® Personal Transporters [via The Inquirer]