Verizon Quietly Drops First American OLED Handset

. With little fanfare, OLED finally comes to North America thanks to Nokia (via Pantech), with the new Nokia 6215i. This lightweight clamshell features not one, but two OLED displays, an internal at 128×128 pixels, and an external at 96×64. The phone also features a VGA camera with flash and auto-timer, speakerphone, and voice-dialing.

This is notable because OLED, as a technology, should replace LCDs in small devices in the near future. Some of us thought it would have happened already, as OLED is cheaper, lighter, easier to manufacture, and uses less power than LCD, but this is definitely a vanguard of things to come.

It’s available for $50 with a 2 year contract from Verizon, which is a pretty inexpensive way to get in on the cutting edge.

Nokia 6215i [Verizon Wireless]