Sprint Launches Treo 700wx. Surprise!

I’m putting my cocktail down for a moment to tell you that (as expected) Sprint has launched the Treo 700wx. Our source’s specs were right on: 1.3 megapixel camera, Windows Mobile 5 and everything else is just as we expected, including the price at $499. The only real suprise is a minor one, and also the only thing different than the 700w: the wx has dial-up networking via EV-DO for your laptop. Verizon, you know, hates it when you use your phone for anything but phone calls.

Really, it’s not much of an upgrade of the 700w, so if who you’re CDMA carrier is isn’t important, the 700w is a much better value right now. If you need DUN (and want EV-DO on your lappy), then it’s Sprint. Now, back to our three-day weekend debauchery.

Palm Treo 700wx [Sprint]