Skype and Philips Get Busy, Ditch Computer

Philips announced this morning the addition of the Skype certified VOIP841 to its product line. We’ve already seen a couple of these new Skype devices, but the gravity of their introduction is only now becoming apparent.

Like the USRobotics USR9631 that we saw yesterday, the VOIP841 can function completely autonomous of a computer. Users are able to sign up for Skype service directly from the handset, which means it doesn’t even require a computer for setup.

Unlike the currently available WiFi enabled Skype phones, the VOIP841 functions over a 1.8GHz DECT frequency, making for a highly reliable signal. The phone can connect to both your Skype account and your existingland line. If users add a supplemental handset, the system is capable of simultaneously serving calls from Skype and from a land line.

I guess these could be extremely useful for users who make a high quantity of international calls, but they don’t really seem cost effective for basic users. After the cost of broadband and the fees for Skype In and Out, this service would cost at least as much as regular service. I’m sure it’ll work fabulously though and I really do admire the progress Skype is making with Internet telephony. These next-gen Skype phones will be available this holiday season.