Nokia N80 Snuggles The Internets

When I’m walking down the Magnificant Mile, and I’m looking for a good way to blow some time (which seems to be more and more often), I usually stop in at the Nokia flagship store and see what kind of new way-too-expensive-for-me phones they have to play with. There’s usually just about 30 of the underwhelming 8801, and a couple of the 7370 and 7380 for the ladies.

Recently though, they started showing the N80 Smartphone. The little bit that I’ve played with it was enough to convince me that it can already compete with all of the other smartphones out there. But it looks like the Nokia folks have decided to upgrade it to a 2.1-inch screen, 352×416-pixel resolution screen, GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz network running phone to utilize Wi-Fi, with support for third-party VoIP applications, Amazon shopper, Yahoo Go!, Mobipocket eBook reader and plenty more internet-ready goodies.

The new version should be available in September.

Nokia N80 Internet Edition arrives with Wi-Fi and Skype support[Infosyncworld via Gizmodo]