Two New BenQ Cameras Hit the Streets

. Both cameras have advanced digicam features like automatic exposure control and shake-correction. They can also output in 16:9 mode, which is cool in that “well, OK” kind of way.

Throw in 3X optical zooms and 2.5-inch LCDs and the cameras start to look pretty enticing. The ISO 1000 mode will be sufficient enough for those photos you take in the bushes outside of her house will actually turn out, but it could stand to be higher. The Pentax lenses should make the photos look pretty clear, too. The C540 has a 5MP sensor, and the C740 has a 7MP. Other than that, they appear to be identical, specs-wise.

BenQ DC C540 [LetsGoDigital]

BenQ DC C740 [LetsGoDigital]