Yahoo! Go Expands, Does Microsoft

Big news this morning for Yahoo! users who own a Windows Mobile based phone. Yahoo! has announced that its popular Go software, previously available only on Symbian devices, would launch today for Windows Mobile-powered phones. Yahoo! Go will now work Windows Mobile OS versions 2003 SE and 5.0.

The services allows users to access from their phone services like Y! Mail, Search, Photos, Address Book and Calendar, and Y! News, Sports, Finance, etc. Yahoo! has teamed up with a slew of manufacturers including Motorola, Nokia and RIM, to ensure that forthcoming devices would ship with the software preinstalled. Motorola has already said that it will pre-load and prominently feature Yahoo! Go for Mobile on optimized handsets worldwide starting in the first half of 2007.

I don’t use Yahoo! mail or anything, but I welcome the arrival of Go for Mobile. I’m sure Google won’t be far behind in releasing their answer to this.

Yahoo! Go for Mobile