MyFabrik Stores and Shares Your Precious

<img src=" application that lets you manage files remotely with just a web browser. You can upload and download pictures, music, videos and documents privately or publicly, depending on what permissions you set. The Web 2.0-ness of the web-app comes from tagging, sharing with others, and the ability to quickly post the files you choose onto eBay and MySpace.

The Fabrik service works with the Maxtor Fusion personal storage and webserver. We also recently evaluated another Maxtor drive, the Maxtor Shared Storage II, which was both spacious and easy to set up.

They’re marketing this as YouTube, G Drive, .Mac and Flickr all in one place, which is somewhat accurate, if a bit less on features than each of those web-apps. Following the public launch of the final service in September, access to the new MyFabrik service is priced beginning at 99 cents/month, which includes 1GB of online storage space. Additional storage space may be purchased incrementally for 49 cents per GB.

We’ll have a hands-on update with the beta impressions soon.

Product Page [myfabrik]