Zapr makes drag and drop file transfer easy

zapr logoSydney and Singapore based Zapr is beta testing a simple way to transfer large files for free. The company recently changed it’s name from Zingee. Users download the company’s desktop client, add email addresses for friends and then drag and drop files or folders from their computers onto the interface. Friends then receive an email that includes an URL linked to the file on the uploader’s computer. The computer storing the file has to be on in order for the file to be accessed. If the file is moved from its original location on your computer, the URL no longer works to download it.

zapr screenThe company assures users that friends have access only to the single file linked to and that there is no adware with the client. Windows XP and the .Net architecture are required for uploaders, but not for downloaders.

The service is in invite-only beta right now, but you can sign up for an account. Future business models could be affiliate partnerships, storage or more advertising if the service really takes off.

Mike has made mention of this company in the context of online storage in the past, but I think this is something different. The drag and drop to a desktop client could work really well for Windows users seeking a solution faster than going through the more complicated UI of an online storage solution. It has a more asynchronous feel than IM file transfers. For some users seeking a fast, free and easy way to transfer files to collaborators, Zapr could be a good fit.