Liberty Strategic Capital nabs majority stake in mobile security startup Zimperium for $525M

Liberty Strategic Capital, the private equity firm launched last year by former treasury secretary Steven T. Mnuchin, announced today that it is acquiring a majority stake in mobile security startup Z

This new Android spyware masquerades as legitimate apps

Security researchers have uncovered a new spyware campaign that’s targeting South Korean residents with Android devices in order to steal confidential data. Unlike other spyware campaigns that typic

A new Android spyware masquerades as a ‘system update’

Security researchers say a powerful new Android malware masquerading as a critical system update can take complete control of a victim’s device and steal their data. The malware was found bundle

Most US mobile banking apps have security and privacy flaws, researchers say

You might figure the biggest U.S. banks would have some of the most secure mobile apps. Spoiler alert: not so much. New findings from security firm Zimperium, shared exclusively with TechCrunch, say m

Zimperium Raises $8M For Mobile Security That Turns The Tables On Attackers

Let's say you're at the airport, checking your email on your iPhone over the wifi. Well, you've already made your first mistake. You've trusted the airport network to be secure enough to protect you f