MIT’s human-mirroring robot nails the Bottle Cap Challenge

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has a robot that can mirror the actions of a human just by watching their bicep. This has a number of practical applications, inclu

GetAccept’s workflow and e-signature platform for sales secures $7M Series A funding

Bosch launches cloud-connected battery management to extend the life of EV batteries

Bosch is bringing to market a new cloud-connected software service to manage and monitor the battery life of electric vehicles. “Bosch is connecting electric-vehicle batteries with the cloud. Its da

Bringing tech efficiencies to the agribusiness market, Silo harvests $3 million

Roughly $165 billion worth of wholesale produce is bought and sold every year in the U.S. And while that number is expected to go up to $1 trillion by 2025, the business of agribusiness remains unaffe

This Marie Kondo-inspired Twitter tool will help you declutter your timeline so it again ‘sparks joy’

Does your Twitter timeline spark joy? If you’re like most people, probably not. Over the years, you probably politely followed back a few too many Twitter accounts, and now have a timeline fille

Startups Weekly: Squad’s screen-shares and Slack’s swastika

We’re three weeks into January. We’ve recovered from our CES hangover and, hopefully, from the CES flu. We’ve started writing the correct year, 2019, not 2018. Venture capitalists ha

Google’s newest app Blog Compass helps bloggers in India manage their sites

Google has been heavily focused on serving the needs of Indian web users with the recent launch of apps like Tez for payments, Areo for food ordering, Neighbourly for communities, data-friendly versio

Charlie Briefs You On Your Upcoming Meetings By Emailing You One-Pagers On Attendees

A new web application called Charlie has raised a seed round of $1.75 million led by Lightbank Capital. The product emails you short, automatically generated one-pagers detailing what you need to know

Senic Wants To Revolutionize Measurement, Starting With A Smartphone-Connected Laser Distance Meter

New hardware startup and Y Combinator Summer 2013 cohort member Senic is launching pre-orders for its first product today, a laser rangefinder like the ones that are sold in hardware stores around the

Satellite Imagery Company Skybox Teams Up With MapBox For Analysis And Annotation Of Data

Google isn’t the only company working on mapping out the entire world with satellite imagery and detailed information about every nook and cranny in the universe. Two companies are teaming up to

Pinterest Launches New Business Terms For Companies, Website Verification, Widgets And Access To New Features

<a href="">Pinterest</a> could turn into an absolute monster for e-commerce, and we've b

Post-Apple Palate Cleanser: More Swiss Army Axes!

Remember those sweet vintage Swiss Army axes we saw a while back? The quantity was so limited that they sold out only an hour or so after I posted them. But Garrett Wade has conveniently “locate

Bow Before The Crovel: Combination Shovel, Crowbar, Hammer, Machete

Sweet baby Grylls. This “Crovel” tool is absolutely monstrous. Its patent-pending hardened steel shape is alternately sharp, grippy, heavy, and jagged. The rope grip even detaches to form&

StockTwits Gets Even More Social, Rolls Out Discovery Tools

<img src="" /> It's been a good start to the year for <a href="">StockTwits</a>. For starters, as we <a href="

Surplus Swiss Army Axes? Yes Please

Oh man. I don’t know what it is about a finely crafted axe that I like so much. I should probably just stop there. But I can’t. I just love axes, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Tool/Belt: For When You Positively Have To Have To Turn a Hex Bolt Right Now

For $55 you can be that guy.

I Love This Tool Box

Sure, it doesn’t have nearly as many sizes of this and that as your regular suitcase-sized tool box, but it makes up for that in cuteness. I think you could still fit a few more in there, though

Keychain-friendly screwdriver set actually looks somewhat useful

<img src="">Putting a screwdriver on a keychain isn’t an entirely new concept, but these “heat treated blackened

Digital monkey wrench costs $323, tells you when bolts are tight

<img src="" alt="ratchet" />Ho-ly crap. For $323 plus $20 shipping you can get a digital monkey wrench that tell

Just try to relax … this won't hurt … much.

<img src="" alt="artificialleech" title="artificialleech" />While sitting in my dentist's chair recently, I marveled at just how
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